Who is Who in Tanakh

English version of the book Personajes Bíblicos

Declared "Exceptional book of 2008"
By the University Press Committee de los Estados Unidos

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Who is Who in Tanakh tells the story of each of the 3,000 people named in Tanakh, the Jewish Bible (Old Testament), from Aaron to Zurishaddai, arranged in a convenient A to Z format.

The book brings each biblical character to life in a compelling narrative, drawing together information that is scattered over large stretches of the biblical text.

Entries include the origin and meaning of the person's name, the dates (historical or estimated) when he or she lived.

It is the most comprehensive reference book of its kind. It includes the famous and the infamous, patriarchs and prophets, warriors and peace makers, kings and queens, holy men and sinners, heroes and villains.

Who is Who in Tanakh is a fascinating, informative, indispensable, and, most important, enjoyable, book for general readers and scholars, students and educators alike.

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